This is our NON-ODOT class

(For ages 15 and older)

The classroom portion of this program is on Sunday afternoons from 1:30-4:00 pm Live via Zoom and should be completed in 4 consecutive weeks.  The driving portion is 3 – 2 hour drive sessions for a total of 6 driving hours.  You can start the classroom any Sunday of your choice.

This program goes year round except for major Holidays.

DMV Requirements for this class

  • Student must drive minimum of 100 hours if student is under 18
  • Student must be 16 and have their permit for 6 months before obtaining license
  • Student must go to DMV and take computer test if under 18
  • All ages must go to DMV/third party tester to take on-road drive test

Cost of the program

$500.00- Includes classroom and 6 hours of private drive lessons

Office Hours

Please call our office to register

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Why Choose Us?

  • DMV Certified
  • ODOT Approved
  • Same Driving Instructor Through Entire Process
  • Flexibility to Meet Your Needs
  • Caring Staff & Instructors
  • In Business Since 1969