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3rd party testing

Some have been asking if my last post to the blog meant all testing and programs. We are still giving the final drive test for our ODOT program for teenagers. The 3rd party testing was an extension of ...
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3rd party testing

The pilot program for the 3rd party testing will be ending soon. DMV has chosen to re-evaluate how the testing will happen. We have not been given any promises that this is a program they would want ...
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DMV 3rd party testing

Tom's Driving Academy has been given the green light to begin testing people of all ages as a 3rd party DMV tester. Our routes are DMV approved and the testers have been DMV trained
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DMV Drive Test

Tom's Driving Academy has been approved to begin administering the DMV drive test to all unlicensed drivers. Our test are DMV approved, and will be more convenient. Call us today to schedule your ...
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Looking to hire good driving instructors

We are excited to have so many students attending our Driver Education courses. Summer is always busy. Tom's Driving Academy is look to hire great people with a desire to teach young people the ...
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Free and Reduced lunch

Another way we can help If your student is on free or reduced lunch at their school, we can give you a $75.00 reduction in your fee. Your student must enroll in the ODOT program for this reduction.
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DMV teen page

http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/TEEN/pages/index.aspx The link above takes you directly to the DMV teen page. This gives you all the information for receiving your license.
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Waiving Final DMV drive test

Any student ages 15-17 who successfully completes our ODOT approved program will be able to go take the certificate to the DMV and have their final on-road license test waived. We are excited to be ...
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New Curriculum

Tom's Driving Academy is excited for the new curriculum we will be teaching this January 2014. This curriculum is interactive and much more exciting for the students. Many more exciting aspect of ...
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Toms Driving Academy LLC Blog

Welcome to Toms Driving Academy LLC Blog!
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